You have interviewed the agents. You have picked someone you would like to work with. All seems good! But wait, don't sign the paperwork till you have these FIVE CRITICAL things taken care of for your peace of mind, and best bottom line in most cases.

1. Do not sign a long term listing agreement. SIX months is way too long in most cases! You can always extend the listing later if needed!

2. Insist on having the right to unconditionally cancel the contract if you are not satisfied with the agent/broker due to any reason! We call this Easy Exit Listing Agreement. Don't be tied to non-performance. Reserve the right to fire if the promises are not being kept!

3. Insist on broker cooperation.  This is number one reason why the MLS works. When brokers cooperate, more buyers compete, and your net increases. Waiver of cooperation is the last thing you want to consider unless you want lower demand on your home, thus possible lower price! Remember, competition creates price!

4. Insist that the home be listed in the MLS right away, no pocket listings (where only listing office can show) for few days first! Again, your goal is highest possible price and pocket listings decrease competition.

5. Insist that all written offers be presented to you till the day of the closing.  This is required by the Real Estate Commission rules anyhow but doesn't hurt to instruct your agent.  Your broker must not say "No more offers" unless you have directed them "no more offers".

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