Advantages and Disadvantages of going Solar!

We are often asked of effects on home prices if the home is converted to solar. There are few studies and the results are mixed on this.  We guess a lot depends on who conducted the study.

Here are our thoughts.

1. Go solar only if you plan to stay in the home long enough to realize the savings. The recovery time is long so plan accordingly.  All said, it is definitely worth it, financially and environmentally, if you plan to stay long enough but do not do so thinking the home price will go up due to conversion.

2. Many buyers don't want to take on the responsibility of the contract you have with your solar company so that may affect the deal.

3. Some buyers don't like the looks of the solar panels on the roof so that may impact the sale of the home.

4. Technology is changing fast so old large panels are getting obsolete faster than we can think. 

Tesla has come up with new panels that look just like regular shingles and the promise is excellent.  The home will look like regular shingle home while it provides the efficiency and savings of solar. So if you haven't converted yet, it may be worth the wait for another year or two.

All said, if you have already converted to solar, no worries. Enjoy the savings as long as you can. And when the time to sell comes, we will handle the situation then and guide you accordingly.  If you are about to convert but haven't signed the contract yet, please make sure it has an exit clause of some kind so that you are not forced to fulfill in case you have to sell your home. Also, read the contract carefully to know your responsibilities and liabilities in case the roof needs replacement.

Best wishes. Please feel to contact us if you have specific questions on this or any other home related subject We are here to help.

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