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$1 commission*, if that sad situation ever arises!

by Sanjeev Aneja

One never knows what inspires one to do certain things that impacts others!

April 15th, 2019, we completed our 25th year since inception.  The celebrations were on with food and soft drinks for all.  But a sad call came in.  A friend called to inform me that someone he knows passed away 3 days ago and he wanted guidance on what to do to help the family.  

Here was the situation. They had just bought a home four months ago. So what should they do now with the home as the wife and kids won't be able to afford it.  While we reviewed all the options, I was pondering on what does one go through when such a situation arises all of a sudden.  So much to go through, so much hand holding needed, and loss of money after loss of life becomes even harder.

So here is our plan going forward (call it our Gratitude offer). No matter whom you bought your primary home through, God forbid if such a situation ever arises within three years of you buying your home, we will help you sell your home and only charge a $1 for our end of the listing commission. Ofcourse you will have to pay the selling agent for their buyer end, this offer is for our listing end.

And we will add one more offer for those impacted due to the given Visa situation today where many buyers are concerned that they may have to go back home.  If you are forced to sell your home due to the Visa issue within a year of buying your primary home, we will extend this $1 offer to you too. 

These are stressful situations, and since we have been blessed enough for 25 years, we are happy to extend this offer to make it a little easier for you.  We don't wish such circumstances on anyone but we know that life throws curve balls when least expected.

Call us to discuss your situation with you. And go ahead, tell your friends about it in case they are in this situation.  This offer is valid only in areas we service.  Not all our team members may offer this but this offer will be honored by one of us for sure.

And to all our friends and clients who have made these wonderful 25 years possible, we say THANK YOU.  

Sanjeev Aneja, Broker/President

Ontrack Realtyserving clients with honesty and integrity since 1994. 732.494.2211 (please do like us on facebook).

We are a full service agency and do not compete with no frills agencies. If you are looking for the WOW experience, that is what we aim for by being there for you every step of the way during the transaction and beyond. Your interest above ours, that's our goal, ALWAYS. Your agent/family for life - that's our motivation, Always.

(Disclosure just in case - This offer may be modified or withdrawn without notice.  Not applicable on short sales, if that becomes your only option due to the value of the home, as the commission will be paid by the bank in that case. Subject to corrections, errors, and omissions. Commissions are not fixed by REC or any entity. In New Jersey, commissions are negotiable. )




by Sanjeev Aneja

If you like what you read, please forward to your friends, share it on your timeline too. Spread the word please.

It was on April 15, 1994 that we started On Track Realty. Many challenges, loans, cut backs on salaries including taking no salary on and off, putting more money in the company to make it survive, all struggles of small business were faced as we grew. But with grace of God and good wishes and referrals of friends (yes clients kept becoming good family friends), we survived the first few tough years and then thrived as our team grew and adopted our principle of 'clients first'. 

We are extremely thankful to all as we celebrate our upcoming 25 years in business. If you helped us in any way, any way at all, we are thankful to you. Sometimes we don't even know who helped, but you know it, and we say THANK YOU.
To celebrate this achievement, we have decided to go all in with few good deeds, some are for 2019, and some will go beyond (if so stated). Please share this post with your friends, never know who may get helped.

GOOD DEED #1. $1 for our end of listing commission if that saving helps you prevent a short sale on your primary home. 
You will only pay the selling broker (yes the home will be in the local MLS so that any agent can sell your home), and we will provide you full services as we do for our full commission clients but just for $1 for our side.
Avoid a short sale, call us when you first experience the difficulty making the payments and we will guide you the best we can. ALL CONVERSATIONS WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL, so no worries.
Few important disclosures.
1. Commissions are not fixed by REC or any entity. In New Jersey, commissions are negotiable. 
2. Not all potential short sale homeowners will qualify for this. This is only to help those who can avoid the short sale thru our help, on their primary home only. We will look at your situation and guide you and help you accordingly.
3. This offer is good for the areas we service, within 15 miles of our office (some exceptions may apply). Ask us if your town is part of our service area.
4. Not all agents in our office may participate in this or other programs listed below. 
5. This offer (and others below) may be withdrawn or modified without prior notice. Each listing must be approved by the broker of record to be valid. 
Call us today to discuss your needs and see if you qualify for this offer.
P.S. Our best suggestion - in case of difficulties, try to talk to your mortgage holder and work with them to help avoid a short sale, if possible. Call us for help but always consult your attorney for legal advise.

GOOD DEED #2. Two annual scholarships for 2 college going students for $1000 each. These scholarships are merit based, not need based. Send us your resume telling us about your achievements, dreams, and goals, and tell us why you deserve this scholarship, and how you will use it. And tell us what you know about On Track Realty (yes we were born before you were so you have to know something about us). For 2019 and beyond.

GOOD DEED #3. Starting July and till September, this year and every year, we will offer FREE meditation and breathing sessions on weekends. Join us to relax and reduce stress. Yes, life is stressful and yes these simple things will help with it. We will make fresh delicious lemon water available with apple cider vinegar and honey and touch of Himalayan salt (yummy). It's good for you, you can do that on your own too. For 2019 and beyond.

And last but not the least, atleast for now. 
GOOD DEED #4. FREE mentoring classes for our students on weekends during their school break. We will have 3 sessions. From grades 4-7th, grades 8-10th, and then 11th thru college going. We will talk about health, gratitude, happiness, wealth, everything that matters. And if the demand is there, we will do this even during the school year if parents so wish. There will be 8 mentoring sessions for each group, last day for graduation. Many students still remember and live by the lessons from classes we offered in the past. For 2019 and beyond.

So here it is. We have been blessed with a lot for all these years and this is little we can do to say THANK YOU.

We are a full service agency and do not compete with no frills agencies. If you are looking for the WOW experience, that is what we aim for by being there for you every step of the way during the transaction and beyond. Your interest above ours, that's our goal, ALWAYS. Your agent/family for life - that's our motivation, Always.

Ontrack Realty, serving clients with honesty and integrity since 1994. 732.494.2211. (please do like us on facebook).



All offers (good deed 1 and 2) are effective on listings taken after February 10th, 2019 till December 31,2019.  If you are a past client who closed in 2019 already, we will honor this on your next sale, no matter when it is in the future. Just remind us then.  


(Disclosure just in case - Any or all these may be modified or withdrawn without notice.  Subject to corrections, errors, and omissions)


Almost every seller wants their home SOLD fast for the best possible price. And it's not that difficult if some simple things are kept in mind.
1. PRICE THE HOME RIGHT! This is crucial. Pricing it too high will almost always result in prolonged sale at a lower than market value. If the market is appreciating, the price will eventually catch up but you lose the momentum. Plus the hassles of preparing the home for potential buyers for many months, if not years.
2. LET THERE BE LIGHT! Buyers like bright and lighted homes. And this is very easy to do, often with little to no cost. Keep the blinds open for showings. Make sure all light bulbs are working and are bright enough. Light makes a huge difference.
3. CURB APPEAL IS IMPORTANT! The home can be beautiful inside but you risk losing a sale if the outside looks uncared for. Mow the lawn, remove the weeds, plant some flowers, do touch up paint, look for any areas that need attention so that potential buyers don't get turned off. Invite them in.
4. DECLUTTER! Most buyers can't see past what they see. Decluttering ensures that they can see the home without distractions. Also, clutter is a safety hazard, it can create falls and trips.
5. LET THE AROMA INVITE! Any odors or smells can be a turn off. When we live in the home, we don't smell the pet odors, the cooking odors, etc. But the buyers do. Best is to listen to your Realtor's advice and do what is necessary to eliminate that smell to get top dollar for your home.
Want more tips? We are happy to help. Call us at 732.494.2211 and we will gladly guide you.
Thinking of buying or selling your home? Call us and experience the difference, 732.494.2211.
On Track Realty has been serving clients with honesty and integrity since 1994. Our promise is simple, if it's not good for our clients, it's not good for us!
Call us today, refer your friends to us too please. We are here to serve you by putting your interest first. 732.494.2211.

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