This question is asked often, "Should we expand to fulfill our family size needs or should we buy a larger home?"

While it is in the best interest of a Realtor that you buy a larger home, it is not always in the best interest of the consumer to do so! After all, buying and selling have closing costs associated with them and they can add up. And our goal at On Track Realty is simple - PUT THE CLIENTS' INTEREST FIRST.

Here are few questions you should ask before making this important decision:

1. Will adding on take care of our needs and will we be happy with that?

2. Will the improvement make our home too big for the neighborhood or will it fit in?

Sometimes, there is no choice but to move for other reasons.  Your job has moved far, so moving closer to a larger home may make more sense!  You want to be in a larger newer style home in a different neighborhood! You want a better school district for children! Reasons can be many. So the move depends upon your needs but if the needs can be met in the current home, adding on is probably the best bet!

Call us at 732.494.2211 to discuss your needs with us. We will guide you the best we can without putting our interest in mind! And if the move is the best thing, then we will help you with that too! We promise excellent service with honesty and integrity. Your best interest is our number one goal and promise!

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