One never knows what inspires one to do certain things that impacts others!

April 15th, 2019, we completed our 25th year since inception.  The celebrations were on with food and soft drinks for all.  But a sad call came in.  A friend called to inform me that someone he knows passed away 3 days ago and he wanted guidance on what to do to help the family.  

Here was the situation. They had just bought a home four months ago. So what should they do now with the home as the wife and kids won't be able to afford it.  While we reviewed all the options, I was pondering on what does one go through when such a situation arises all of a sudden.  So much to go through, so much hand holding needed, and loss of money after loss of life becomes even harder.

So here is our plan going forward (call it our Gratitude offer). No matter whom you bought your primary home through, God forbid if such a situation ever arises within three years of you buying your home, we will help you sell your home and only charge a $1 for our end of the listing commission. Ofcourse you will have to pay the selling agent for their buyer end, this offer is for our listing end.

And we will add one more offer for those impacted due to the given Visa situation today where many buyers are concerned that they may have to go back home.  If you are forced to sell your home due to the Visa issue within a year of buying your primary home, we will extend this $1 offer to you too. 

These are stressful situations, and since we have been blessed enough for 25 years, we are happy to extend this offer to make it a little easier for you.  We don't wish such circumstances on anyone but we know that life throws curve balls when least expected.

Call us to discuss your situation with you. And go ahead, tell your friends about it in case they are in this situation.  This offer is valid only in areas we service.  Not all our team members may offer this but this offer will be honored by one of us for sure.

And to all our friends and clients who have made these wonderful 25 years possible, we say THANK YOU.  

Sanjeev Aneja, Broker/President

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(Disclosure just in case - This offer may be modified or withdrawn without notice.  Not applicable on short sales, if that becomes your only option due to the value of the home, as the commission will be paid by the bank in that case. Subject to corrections, errors, and omissions. Commissions are not fixed by REC or any entity. In New Jersey, commissions are negotiable. )