Every career is an opportunity that offers the possibilities of shining and making a difference.  Real estate too is one of those careers that offers that possibility. 

That said, here are few things to remember before making this your career.

1. Money is not consistent. This is a commission based industry in general.  If you are expecting a weekly salary, there is none.

2. Be patient. There is a 4/6 month period in the beginning when you will be investing your time and money but may see no returns.  

3. Have reserves.  First 6/8 months are critical. while you are spending money, there is no income. Not having reserves pretty much ensures that you will give up just when you shouldn't be.

4. Learn, learn, learn. More you learn and commit to succeed, more fruitful will this career be.

5. Honesty and Integrity are the keys.  Commit to do it right for clients, never short change them.  The future referrals will be well worth it.

Interested in a full time career in real estate? Want to associate with a company that is totally focused on delivering best to the clients?  Want to associate with a company that offers all the tools that are necessary for your success and offers one on one training that is par none? Call Sanjeev Aneja today at 732.494.2211 for a confidential one on one meeting to learn more about how you too can be a part of a very successful team! While here, don;t forget to ask about our fantastic profit sharing plan.

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