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The On Track Difference!

by Sanjeev Aneja

We are often asked what is the difference between On Track Realty agents and other agents who work for big franchises or other offices? What's our reason for huge success as a small office? How do we compete head on and succeed?
While there are few that come to mind, here are our top 3 that make us who we are. And these are the values instilled in us, a part of our mission to create raving fans.
1. Put clients first, seriously. These are not simple words, we mean it. Deal or no deal, we put our clients interest first, period!
2. The personal touch - from the beginning to the end and beyond, our clients are never lost in this complicated process. We are there to guide them as needed, help them as needed. 
3. Genuine and sincere care when we are not being watched by clients. Anyone can talk good in front on someone to earn the business, we care genuinely when you are not watching too. If you could record our words at the office, you would hear us discussing how to help you better in all aspects of the transaction. Your best interest is our #1 goal, whether you are watching or not!

We know consumers have a lots of choices today. So many agents to choose from, so many internet generated leads where consumers have no idea who they are about to work with. While anyone can show you a home, our best advise is to work with someone who comes highly recommended, work with someone who cares, work with someone who puts your interest first. And you can often tell that very quickly. Never be stuck with non-performance, walk away if you are not being represented well or not being treated right.

Our full time experienced professionals are here to serve you for all your real estate needs. We do not hire part time agents. Call us and you too will become our raving fan!

On Track Realty is a licensed real estate broker serving clients with honesty and integrity since 1994. We can be reached at 732.494.2211. Track us on internet at We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your referrals. Thank you.

Sanjeev Aneja, Broker/President

Is a career in Real Estate good thing for me?

by Sanjeev Aneja

Every career is an opportunity that offers the possibilities of shining and making a difference.  Real estate too is one of those careers that offers that possibility. 

That said, here are few things to remember before making this your career.

1. Money is not consistent. This is a commission based industry in general.  If you are expecting a weekly salary, there is none.

2. Be patient. There is a 4/6 month period in the beginning when you will be investing your time and money but may see no returns.  

3. Have reserves.  First 6/8 months are critical. while you are spending money, there is no income. Not having reserves pretty much ensures that you will give up just when you shouldn't be.

4. Learn, learn, learn. More you learn and commit to succeed, more fruitful will this career be.

5. Honesty and Integrity are the keys.  Commit to do it right for clients, never short change them.  The future referrals will be well worth it.

Interested in a full time career in real estate? Want to associate with a company that is totally focused on delivering best to the clients?  Want to associate with a company that offers all the tools that are necessary for your success and offers one on one training that is par none? Call Sanjeev Aneja today at 732.494.2211 for a confidential one on one meeting to learn more about how you too can be a part of a very successful team! While here, don;t forget to ask about our fantastic profit sharing plan.

On Track Realty has been serving clients with honesty and integrity since 1994.  We are conveniently located on Rt 27 in Edison, very close to Metro Park Train Station! Track us on internet at or facebook at

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2