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WE PAY CASH!!! Is it worth it?

by Sanjeev Aneja
We have all seen the signs on roadside, and on poles, saying "We pay cash for your home". And it is tempting to call these people. But is this a good thing for sellers in general? And the answer in most cases is ABSOLUTELY NOT.
The goal of cash buyers is often to pay the the lowest price for the home. The goal of most sellers is to get the highest price for their home. And that is where the disconnect comes in. Unless you as a seller are prepared to leave a lot of potential money on table, please do not fall for this trap. It will hurt your bottom line.
Recently, Zillow has launched a pilot program called 'Zillow Instant Offers'. This is similar to "We offer cash" kind of deals. They offer a quick closing, for all cash, subject to certain conditions. And they take out hefty 9%. So unless there is a very specific reason to go this route, don't do it. There are better ways to test the market and get more.
Here are few suggestions:
1. Get a FREE market evaluation from a reputable agent or two. See what they say based on your needs and the condition of the home.
2. Put the home on the market by pricing it aggressively and let the buyers compete for your home and bid higher than asking price..
3. Take an offer that comes in without contingencies. There are many cash buyers out there who will pay a fair price. Competition creates the best scenario for you.
4. Compare the bottom line with the cash offer that you would get from the "We offer cash deals" to the other offers you are getting and then decide what works best for you. Do NOT feel pressured to make instant decisions to such offers. And always consult an attorney to protect your best interest.
5. Do make sure you exclude the cash buyer on your listing so that you do not have to pay commission in case you sell to the cash buyer on your own.
A good agent will guide you well and help you go the route that makes sense for you without worrying about their commission. So hiring the Realtor who puts your interest first is critical.
Thinking of buying or selling your home? Need a fast closing at best possible price? Call us and experience the difference. 732.494.2211
On Track Realty has been serving clients with honesty and integrity since 1994. Our promise is simple, if it's not good for our clients, it's not good for us!
Call us today, refer your friends to us too please. We are here to serve you by putting your interest first. 732.494.2211.

Should we buy or rent?

by Sanjeev Aneja
A question often asked .... Should we buy or rent?
Answer - it depends on your needs. If you plan to live in the home for 3+ years, it may make sense to buy. If you plan to move before 2 years, definitely not a good thing to do unless you intend to rent out the home and keep it as an investment.
These are general guidelines. So much more depends upon how the market is doing in your area today and will likely do in next few years. A declining market may force you to stay in for longer, an appreciating market may help you profit in short term. Also, if the prices are very high in the area you are buying in, it may be cheaper to rent than buy unless the market is expected to continue rising.
Best is to consult your Realtor, share your plans the best you can, and let them guide you. Good agents will always put your needs first and guide you accordingly. Commission should be the last thing on the agents mind, your best interest must be first!
Thinking of buying or selling your home? Call us and experience the difference. 732.494.2211
On Track Realty has been serving clients with honesty and integrity since 1994. Our promise is simple, if it's not good for our clients, it's not good for us!
Call us today, refer your friends to us too please. We are here to serve you by putting your interest first. 732.494.2211.

The On Track Difference!

by Sanjeev Aneja

We are often asked what is the difference between On Track Realty agents and other agents who work for big franchises or other offices? What's our reason for huge success as a small office? How do we compete head on and succeed?
While there are few that come to mind, here are our top 3 that make us who we are. And these are the values instilled in us, a part of our mission to create raving fans.
1. Put clients first, seriously. These are not simple words, we mean it. Deal or no deal, we put our clients interest first, period!
2. The personal touch - from the beginning to the end and beyond, our clients are never lost in this complicated process. We are there to guide them as needed, help them as needed. 
3. Genuine and sincere care when we are not being watched by clients. Anyone can talk good in front on someone to earn the business, we care genuinely when you are not watching too. If you could record our words at the office, you would hear us discussing how to help you better in all aspects of the transaction. Your best interest is our #1 goal, whether you are watching or not!

We know consumers have a lots of choices today. So many agents to choose from, so many internet generated leads where consumers have no idea who they are about to work with. While anyone can show you a home, our best advise is to work with someone who comes highly recommended, work with someone who cares, work with someone who puts your interest first. And you can often tell that very quickly. Never be stuck with non-performance, walk away if you are not being represented well or not being treated right.

Our full time experienced professionals are here to serve you for all your real estate needs. We do not hire part time agents. Call us and you too will become our raving fan!

On Track Realty is a licensed real estate broker serving clients with honesty and integrity since 1994. We can be reached at 732.494.2211. Track us on internet at We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your referrals. Thank you.

Sanjeev Aneja, Broker/President


by Sanjeev Aneja
The results are in for 2015! We analyzed Edison market and are glad to report that top two agents for production in Edison are from our office (compared to all the agents from all other offices). Highest in total number of transactions, highest in volume too. Alka Aneja, Broker Associate, #1 agent in Edison and Shashi Aggarwal, Broker Associate, #2 agent in Edison, for listings and solds combined. We looked further for top 12 in Edison and both Nisha Sawant and Rupali Gandotra, Realtor Associates, are in the top 12 list. WOW!
4 out of 12 agents in top 12 are from On Track Realty, what an accomplishment! THANK YOU to all our clients/friends in Edison! This credit goes to you! Thanks again for the opportunity to serve you and your friends and family!
Great job team, to all on this list and all who are not this year. So proud of you all, keep up the great work with honesty and integrity and by keeping clients first!
Our thanks to all agents who sold our listings and allowed us to participate in the sale of their listings.
And thank YOU GOD for this achievement!!
Interested in being a part of this successful team? Interested in hanging out with the winners who inspire you? Call us today. Must be available full time, have a minimum goal of 75K/yr, be a team player, and have high integrity! Say YES to these four and let us help you become one of the top producers too. You bring your will, we will show you the way!
Selling or buying, we are here to help! Call any one of team members and experience the difference.
Serving clients with honesty and integrity since 1994. Putting clients first each and every day.
Sanjeev Aneja, ABR, CRS, GRI
Disclaimer (per the MLS rules) - “The information contained herein has not been compiled or approved by the Middlesex County Multiple Listing System, Inc.

Is this a good time to invest in real estate? Buy a home?

by Sanjeev Aneja, ABR, CRS, GRI

We are often asked if this a good time to invest in real estate. The answer always is 'It Depends' and that answer is followed with a question and some advise!

Question we ask is - Do you want to invest in a primary home to live in or in an income producing property? This question then helps us clarify your needs with further details!

If buying for self to live in, the answer is buy (with certain exceptions), regardless of the market conditions. Why? Because no one has the crystal ball to know what the market will do next week, next month, next year, next decade.  As long as you plan to live in the home long enough to go thru any downturn in the market, you are OK to buy! Why rent when buying is possible? Buying ensures more stability and more steady payments in most cases. Buying builds equity with time. Buying also offers tax deductions in most cases!

We spend a lot of time with our potential buyer clients to understand their needs and to make sure that buying is the right decision for them. If we feel that it is not good for them, we will tell them that. No commission is worth putting in jeopardy those who trust us.

If buying to invest, the answer ALWAYS is yes to buy as long as the numbers make sense! Investing should be done with little emotion and much logic! It could be for monthly cash flow or it could be for potential increase in value. Just falling in love with a property is not an investment strategy. Know your goal. Also know that not all properties will offer high returns. Higher the risk, higher the reward, a good phrase to remember. Know if you can tolerate the risk.

Thinking of buying your home, or an investment? Call our full time professionals at 732.494.2211 and let them guide you properly based on your needs! Our goal is not to sell you just for the sake of selling,  our goal is to make sure that the purchase makes sense for you based on your current needs. 

On Track Realty is a licensed real estate broker in NJ, serving clients since 1994 with honesty and integrity! If it is not right for our clients, it is not right for us, it is as simple as that! Has been our promise since inception, always will be.

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Pricing your home right is Job #1

by Sanjeev Aneja

"We want the highest price for our home", this is what every seller wants, and this is what a great agent wants too for his/her clients!  And there is a way to do this, a formula that works consistently!

So what is that formula?  It's pricing the home right.  And while this is true in any market, it is even more important in a seller's market where there is an abundance of buyers! When you price your home right, the home becomes instantly popular, the buyers line up, multiple offers come in, and the price goes up! Quite often, the price goes up dramatically!  And it all happens because a good value is presented upfront!

So what is the right price? That is where a good successful agent comes in! He/she guides you based on the comps and based on their experience of the market!

Pricing high will almost always guarantee that the home will take longer to sell.  "We can always negotiate down" is also a strategy but not a good one as it takes away the possibility of competing offers including the terms!

In our business, we have a term called 'buying a listing'.  This is taking a listing at any price even when we know that there is no way to support the price!  And sellers often get lured by that.  Our best advise, don't fall for that trap! It will most likely hurt your bottom line!

Thinking of selling your home?  Want us to help you with a strategy to help you sell your home for the best possible price in the shortest period of time?  It will be our pleasure to help.  Call us today and let our experienced agents go to work for you!

We promise excellent service with honesty and integrity! Your interest over ours is our commitment to you!

On Track Realty is a licensed real estate broker in NJ. We can be reached at 732.44.2211. Track us on internet at Like us on facebook at to get frequent updates about the real estate market!


Interesting facts about Edison NJ

by Sanjeev Aneja

We have been serving the families in Edison since our inception in 1994 and feel that there should be a one place consumers can go to and find information about the town on their fingertips!  Here are few facts. We welcome the input of Edison residents to make this even more interesting and informative!

* Edison offers an excellent school system.  There are 2 high schools (Edison High and JP Stevens), 4 middle schools, and 11 elementary schools!  You can learn more about the Edison Township Public Schools HERE.

* Edison is about 30.6 sq. miles in area and is the 5th largest municipality in NJ .  Edison was ranked as the 28th most livable small city in the USA by CNN money Magazine in 2006. In 2008, Money Magazine ranked Edison # 35 out of the top 100 places to live in USA.  Edison is known for it's excellent schools, easy access to major highways (NJ Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, 287, Rt 1, Rt 27), proximity to transit system (Edison Train Station, Metuchen Train Station, and Metro Park Train Station), major shopping malls (Menlo Park Mall and Woodbridge Center Mall), and much more!  You can learn more about Edison township HERE.

* Edison was home of Thomas A Edison.  The Edison memorial is being fully renovated and restored with funding from the state. It is located less than 5 minutes away from our On Track Realty office. For details of the memorial, click HERE

On Track Realty team is ready to serve your real estate needs, and answer your real estate questions.  Please visit us at to search the homes for sale in Middlesex county and for many other resources! We can be reached at 732.494.2211. Like us on Facebook LIKE.

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