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Should we go Solar?

by Sanjeev Aneja

Advantages and Disadvantages of going Solar!

We are often asked of effects on home prices if the home is converted to solar. There are few studies and the results are mixed on this.  We guess a lot depends on who conducted the study.

Here are our thoughts.

1. Go solar only if you plan to stay in the home long enough to realize the savings. The recovery time is long so plan accordingly.  All said, it is definitely worth it, financially and environmentally, if you plan to stay long enough but do not do so thinking the home price will go up due to conversion.

2. Many buyers don't want to take on the responsibility of the contract you have with your solar company so that may affect the deal.

3. Some buyers don't like the looks of the solar panels on the roof so that may impact the sale of the home.

4. Technology is changing fast so old large panels are getting obsolete faster than we can think. 

Tesla has come up with new panels that look just like regular shingles and the promise is excellent.  The home will look like regular shingle home while it provides the efficiency and savings of solar. So if you haven't converted yet, it may be worth the wait for another year or two.

All said, if you have already converted to solar, no worries. Enjoy the savings as long as you can. And when the time to sell comes, we will handle the situation then and guide you accordingly.  If you are about to convert but haven't signed the contract yet, please make sure it has an exit clause of some kind so that you are not forced to fulfill in case you have to sell your home. Also, read the contract carefully to know your responsibilities and liabilities in case the roof needs replacement.

Best wishes. Please feel to contact us if you have specific questions on this or any other home related subject We are here to help.

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On Track Realty has been serving clients with honesty and integrity since 1994. Our promise is simple, if it's not good for our clients, it's not good for us!

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The On Track Difference!

by Sanjeev Aneja

We are often asked what is the difference between On Track Realty agents and other agents who work for big franchises or other offices? What's our reason for huge success as a small office? How do we compete head on and succeed?
While there are few that come to mind, here are our top 3 that make us who we are. And these are the values instilled in us, a part of our mission to create raving fans.
1. Put clients first, seriously. These are not simple words, we mean it. Deal or no deal, we put our clients interest first, period!
2. The personal touch - from the beginning to the end and beyond, our clients are never lost in this complicated process. We are there to guide them as needed, help them as needed. 
3. Genuine and sincere care when we are not being watched by clients. Anyone can talk good in front on someone to earn the business, we care genuinely when you are not watching too. If you could record our words at the office, you would hear us discussing how to help you better in all aspects of the transaction. Your best interest is our #1 goal, whether you are watching or not!

We know consumers have a lots of choices today. So many agents to choose from, so many internet generated leads where consumers have no idea who they are about to work with. While anyone can show you a home, our best advise is to work with someone who comes highly recommended, work with someone who cares, work with someone who puts your interest first. And you can often tell that very quickly. Never be stuck with non-performance, walk away if you are not being represented well or not being treated right.

Our full time experienced professionals are here to serve you for all your real estate needs. We do not hire part time agents. Call us and you too will become our raving fan!

On Track Realty is a licensed real estate broker serving clients with honesty and integrity since 1994. We can be reached at 732.494.2211. Track us on internet at We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your referrals. Thank you.

Sanjeev Aneja, Broker/President

Is a career in Real Estate good thing for me?

by Sanjeev Aneja

Every career is an opportunity that offers the possibilities of shining and making a difference.  Real estate too is one of those careers that offers that possibility. 

That said, here are few things to remember before making this your career.

1. Money is not consistent. This is a commission based industry in general.  If you are expecting a weekly salary, there is none.

2. Be patient. There is a 4/6 month period in the beginning when you will be investing your time and money but may see no returns.  

3. Have reserves.  First 6/8 months are critical. while you are spending money, there is no income. Not having reserves pretty much ensures that you will give up just when you shouldn't be.

4. Learn, learn, learn. More you learn and commit to succeed, more fruitful will this career be.

5. Honesty and Integrity are the keys.  Commit to do it right for clients, never short change them.  The future referrals will be well worth it.

Interested in a full time career in real estate? Want to associate with a company that is totally focused on delivering best to the clients?  Want to associate with a company that offers all the tools that are necessary for your success and offers one on one training that is par none? Call Sanjeev Aneja today at 732.494.2211 for a confidential one on one meeting to learn more about how you too can be a part of a very successful team! While here, don;t forget to ask about our fantastic profit sharing plan.

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Reasons why the closings get delayed!

by Sanjeev Aneja

Selling and buying real estate is a stressful process.  On one hand there is excitement to move yet on the other hand there is the built in stress due to many components in the process that bring in uncertainty.  

Many things can go wrong in a transaction. Some can be easily controlled, some are out of control for many reasons.  So plan the move accordingly.  Remember that the closing date on the contract is just a tentative date.  Right professionals on the team to guide you properly are critical to help make this process as smooth as possible.

Here are few things that can go wrong and delay the closing or even kill the transaction!

1. Mortgage/financing issues:  The buyer may not get a mortgage due to last minute discoveries, loss of job, lack of funds due to uncontrollable circumstances such as loss in stock market, etc.

2. Appraisal issues: The bank may not appraise at the price it sold for thereby putting the deal in jeopardy!

3. Inspection issues: This is one of the major sticking points in transactions. Seller thinks the home is perfect, the inspector thinks the home is falling apart, the buyer is nervous and does not want to proceed.

4. Certificate of occupancy (CO) issues: Not applying for inspection in timely fashion or failing inspection due to lack of permits or otherwise.

5. Lack of communication between parties: A good Realtor, a good attorney, a good mortgage rep, all are critical in the process. Their value is only known when the need arises.

6. Final walk thru issues: Often things are not completed as promised or new discoveries prevent the closing till an agreement is made to resolve the issues.  And that results in a delay.

While these are few common reasons, there can be other unknown issues that come up.  The best is to keep your Realtor in the loop and let them guide you based on their expertise.  

Have questions? Ask us and we will do our best to help. Ontrack Realty is a licensed real estate broker serving clients with honesty and integrity since 1994. Call our team of full time successful Realtors at 732.494.2211 and Experience the Difference!

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Have other suggestions? We would love to hear from you!  Our goal is simple - clients' interest first, ALWAYS!

Don't list your home till you have these 5 things covered!

by Sanjeev Aneja

You have interviewed the agents. You have picked someone you would like to work with. All seems good! But wait, don't sign the paperwork till you have these FIVE CRITICAL things taken care of for your peace of mind, and best bottom line in most cases.

1. Do not sign a long term listing agreement. SIX months is way too long in most cases! You can always extend the listing later if needed!

2. Insist on having the right to unconditionally cancel the contract if you are not satisfied with the agent/broker due to any reason! We call this Easy Exit Listing Agreement. Don't be tied to non-performance. Reserve the right to fire if the promises are not being kept!

3. Insist on broker cooperation.  This is number one reason why the MLS works. When brokers cooperate, more buyers compete, and your net increases. Waiver of cooperation is the last thing you want to consider unless you want lower demand on your home, thus possible lower price! Remember, competition creates price!

4. Insist that the home be listed in the MLS right away, no pocket listings (where only listing office can show) for few days first! Again, your goal is highest possible price and pocket listings decrease competition.

5. Insist that all written offers be presented to you till the day of the closing.  This is required by the Real Estate Commission rules anyhow but doesn't hurt to instruct your agent.  Your broker must not say "No more offers" unless you have directed them "no more offers".

Ontrack Realty is a licensed real estate broker serving clients with honesty and integrity since 1994. Call our team of full time successful Realtors at 732.494.2211 and Experience the Difference!

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Selling, buying, renting? There is only one number to remember, 732.494.2211.

Have other suggestions? We would love to hear from you!  Our goal is simple, clients' interest first!


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