"We want the highest price for our home", this is what every seller wants, and this is what a great agent wants too for his/her clients!  And there is a way to do this, a formula that works consistently!

So what is that formula?  It's pricing the home right.  And while this is true in any market, it is even more important in a seller's market where there is an abundance of buyers! When you price your home right, the home becomes instantly popular, the buyers line up, multiple offers come in, and the price goes up! Quite often, the price goes up dramatically!  And it all happens because a good value is presented upfront!

So what is the right price? That is where a good successful agent comes in! He/she guides you based on the comps and based on their experience of the market!

Pricing high will almost always guarantee that the home will take longer to sell.  "We can always negotiate down" is also a strategy but not a good one as it takes away the possibility of competing offers including the terms!

In our business, we have a term called 'buying a listing'.  This is taking a listing at any price even when we know that there is no way to support the price!  And sellers often get lured by that.  Our best advise, don't fall for that trap! It will most likely hurt your bottom line!

Thinking of selling your home?  Want us to help you with a strategy to help you sell your home for the best possible price in the shortest period of time?  It will be our pleasure to help.  Call us today and let our experienced agents go to work for you!

We promise excellent service with honesty and integrity! Your interest over ours is our commitment to you!

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