A question often asked .... Should we buy or rent?
Answer - it depends on your needs. If you plan to live in the home for 3+ years, it may make sense to buy. If you plan to move before 2 years, definitely not a good thing to do unless you intend to rent out the home and keep it as an investment.
These are general guidelines. So much more depends upon how the market is doing in your area today and will likely do in next few years. A declining market may force you to stay in for longer, an appreciating market may help you profit in short term. Also, if the prices are very high in the area you are buying in, it may be cheaper to rent than buy unless the market is expected to continue rising.
Best is to consult your Realtor, share your plans the best you can, and let them guide you. Good agents will always put your needs first and guide you accordingly. Commission should be the last thing on the agents mind, your best interest must be first!
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