Almost every seller wants their home SOLD fast for the best possible price. And it's not that difficult if some simple things are kept in mind.
1. PRICE THE HOME RIGHT! This is crucial. Pricing it too high will almost always result in prolonged sale at a lower than market value. If the market is appreciating, the price will eventually catch up but you lose the momentum. Plus the hassles of preparing the home for potential buyers for many months, if not years.
2. LET THERE BE LIGHT! Buyers like bright and lighted homes. And this is very easy to do, often with little to no cost. Keep the blinds open for showings. Make sure all light bulbs are working and are bright enough. Light makes a huge difference.
3. CURB APPEAL IS IMPORTANT! The home can be beautiful inside but you risk losing a sale if the outside looks uncared for. Mow the lawn, remove the weeds, plant some flowers, do touch up paint, look for any areas that need attention so that potential buyers don't get turned off. Invite them in.
4. DECLUTTER! Most buyers can't see past what they see. Decluttering ensures that they can see the home without distractions. Also, clutter is a safety hazard, it can create falls and trips.
5. LET THE AROMA INVITE! Any odors or smells can be a turn off. When we live in the home, we don't smell the pet odors, the cooking odors, etc. But the buyers do. Best is to listen to your Realtor's advice and do what is necessary to eliminate that smell to get top dollar for your home.
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