The Health Corner

The Health Corner

Proper Breathing – Key to Great Health

Pranayam, an Indian word for proper breathing techniques, is something that all of us must practice everyday. Guru Ramdev is very popular these days in India, and abroad, teaching the age old breathing techniques for excellent health and good living. Many a patients have cured/brought under control many diseases such as blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, asthma, and much more through his teachings on proper breathing.

There are seven simple exercises he teaches and when done properly, and for the prescribed time, those who have followed these have felt great – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Intake of proper amount of Oxygen is key to the health of our body cells and the functioning of the organs. Most of us do not take in the required amount of oxygen nor do we breathe out as we should. The stressful world we live in requires us to take some time out for us every day to take of ourselves. Pranayams are the best precautionary way to prevent/delay many diseases and help control many diseases too. But please know, it is not an overnight process. It requires a strong commitment of time and belief, everyday. You must spend an hour to hour and a half daily to become/stay healthy.

Sick patients should consult their doctors to make sure breathing exercises are OK for them. They should also continue their prescribed medicines till they bring their disease under control, and should only stop using them once their physician clears it for them.

The bottom line however is that Pranayams help. We all have to breathe to live, that's a fact. Why not do it right in that case?