Helping Educate and Feed Needy Kids

After having served many small yet important community causes, we have committed to a huge project effective 2006. We will be helping feed, educate and clothe 200 kids who are deprived of these opportunities that every kid in the world should be privileged to receive. These kids will be selected in a village in India. The average cost per child will be approximately $20/mo. We will set up a fund to help these kids and donations will be more than welcome. 100% of the donations will be used for this purpose without any management costs. All management costs, including travel to India, time spent, lodging, selecting right kids, making sure kids get the benefits, etc. will be provided by us. If there are no donations received, we will pick up the full expense (actually, the investment in these kids). All our agents donate $25 from each of their commission checks to serve such charity causes.

The goal will be to expand this project to 500 kids in year 2007, and 1000 kids in 2008. Each kid we help will be required to make a commitment to give back by helping kids in the future. Within no time, the effect will multiply and we will be able to help many kids who would have otherwise stayed hungry and uneducated because of no fault of theirs.

We know it's a lofty goal, but a truly worthwhile goal too. Given the number of needy kids in this world, we know this will be a drop in the bucket. But for the children who are helped, this help will mean everything to them.

Any help from you will be much appreciated by these needy yet deserving children. Their blessings will be well worth it! Please help us feed and educate the less-blessed children.

Avoid making major mistakes with your largest investment.

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Avoid making major mistakes with your largest investment

Not sure if you can afford a home? Not sure how the process works? Afraid of making mistakes? Don't worry. Attend the buyer seminar to get your questions answered. Find out how you can save thousands by doing the right things.

The investment is only $10 (including spouse) and is fully refundable if you don't get atleast 10 times the value of it. Snacks will be served.

Register today! Call 732-494-2211 or e-mail to reserve your seat. Make your check payable to On Track Realty and send it at 186 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ-08820

NOTE: If you are not available on the seminar date or if you wish to meet sooner because you want to buy quickly or sell quickly, please call us or e-mail to us and we will arrange a one on one meeting with you on a day convenient for you. It will be our pleasure to accommodate your needs and share the information with you so that you can make an educated decision.



Food for Life.

Interested in helping kids? During my visit to Vrindavan, I discovered a great organization called "Food for Life." I liked what they are doing under the leadership of Rupa Raghunath Das (who was formally known as Pitro Paolinelli).

FFLV's Mission Statement: FFLV is dedicated to the poorest of the poor, educating and guiding them in pursuance of a fullfilling life, enabling them to become exemplary members of society. FFLV is also dedicated to protecting and developing Vrindavan's natural environment.

To make a donation or to learn more about the program, visit:


Thinking of selling your home? Are you falling behind on your mortgage?

Date: Call us at 732-494-2211 to schedule your one-on-one consultation.

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Thinking of selling your home? Are you falling behind on your mortgage? Would you like to know your options?

Sure you do. We will answer all your questions and will give you 7 tips on how to get the best possible price for your home.

click here to register

Or, you can call 732-494-2211 or e-mail to reserve your seat.

The investment is only $10 (including spouse) and is fully refundable if you are not satisfied. Snacks will be served.

NOTE: If you are not available on the seminar date or if you wish to meet sooner because you want to buy quickly or sell quickly, please call us or e-mail to us and we will arrange a one on one meeting with you on a day convenient for you. It will be our pleasure to accommodate your needs and share the information with you so that you can make an educated decision.


Ontrack Retreat!

Team members loved it! Ontrack Realty had it's first retreat in September 2005 and it was a smash.

All agents were invited to be part of the experience, despite their production level or the years with Ontrack. A group of 12 went to Poconnos for this 2 day all paid trip and it was a blast. There was a lot of learning, team building, dream setting, and sheer fun. And there were surprises – massages, facials, pedicure, manicure, horse riding, walking trail, more!

This was such a success, we plan to make our retreats an annual event!

What our team members had to say:

  • "If I could describe our retreat in one word, I'd say "Rewarding!" It truly was a rewarding experience. Not only did I learn a lot from my fellow agents, but I also learned so much more about myself. I personally got to experience two firsts on the retreat. First, I rode a horse for the first time. I have a slight fear of heights, not so much for being up in the air, but for falling off. Then I also had my first professional massage. Both were a great experience and something that I probably would've never done on my own. The underlying theme of our retreat was learning. Every activity we did involved learning. Horseback riding was about overcoming fear. The hikes we went on taught us about leadership and staying healthy. Our presentations taught us how to be better agents. Our spa experience was about rewarding ourselves once in a while. Our 10 year goals taught us how to dream and to look ahead.Overall, we learned what a great company and great team we all make. Thanks to all who made those 2 days special and Thanks especially to OnTrack Realty which is truly one GREAT company!" – Steve Marshall
  • "Retreat was a informative, educative and a team experience. We came to know more about the families and individual personality of each team member. The papers presented by different members reflected how much time and labor they put in to prepare them. Sanjeev's organization and management of the retreat was really wonderful. It was an enjoyable and memorable experience." – Suresht and Shashi Aggarwal
  • "The Retreat was a powerfully educational and spiritual experience for me! I really value our relationship as a team and a family and greatly appreciate Sanjeev's generosity! How many agents can rave about their broker, their training and associate agents in the way we can. We are truly blessed! Everyone's presentation was highly informative and beneficial to our training and careers as Realtors. Spiritually, we were enlightened, uplifted and energized by hearing words of love, encouragement and faith. And that 5-mile hike through the wilderness was an awesome experience, as joined with nature to become one. I'll never forget the utter peace, the joy, and the sheer pleasure of it all!! Oh, wow — we cannot forget the horseback riding, the massages, pedicures and manicures. It was great! Thank you Sanjeev!!" – Randy Livingston
  • "The Ontrack Retreat was a completely awesome experience. Spending time with everyone for 2 full days gave us the opportunity to get to know each other even better than we already did. I enjoyed the session when each of us had to tell everyone our life stories. It's amazing how we never know what each other has been through in their lives. I also enjoyed that every one of us had to give a presentation on any topic we wanted to, real estate related or not.
  • "There was such a variety of topics, all so very helpful. Listening to each other in a relaxed environment was great. We got to ask questions, make jokes and we had times that we laughed and laughed. Of course going horseback riding, hiking and getting a massage was unbeatable. As always, Sanjeev went all out for us.. Thanks again Sanjeev! Its great to be a part of such a wonderful team, a beautiful group of people… We have all been Blessed at Ontrack" – Maureen Farina


Help Educate The Handicapped

Imagine a university for the handicapped? We can either give someone a fish and feed them for a day or teach them how to fish and help them feed themselves for lifetime. Teaching the proper skills to the handicapped is what happens at the Jagadguru Ramabhadracharya Handicapped University in Chitrakoot India. The students could be blind, deaf, or physically handicapped. Whatever their challenge, they are provided tools and facilities for proper education and for becoming self sufficient so that they can help themselves for the rest of their life.

How can you help? There are many ways. You can sponsor a wheel chair for $251. You can help feed a child for a year for $501, or you can help them educate for a year for $501. You can help build a hostel for handicapped girls – the donation is just $3501 per room. Your help can go a long way in making a difference. Please be generous and make a difference in someone's life.

Your contributions can be made to Indian American Foundation and are tax deductible. Mail your check to us, made out to Indian American Foundation, and we will get them to the university! Thanks for your help and support. Details of the university can be found at

For any questions about the program, call Sanjeev at 732-494-2211 x 111


Arriving on WCTC 1450 AM radio station, every Saturday 9:30AM - 10AM

Sanjeev is hosting a radio show on WCTC, titled "YES YOU CAN", from 9.30 AM to 10AM every Saturday. This 30 minute radio show covers wealth building strategies in real estate and also covers simple strategies how you can live a happy, healthy, satisfied life starting today. Tune in and call in too with any questions that you may have. We are looking for specialists to come to the show and contribute to it with their expertise.

Want to be a guest on the show? Write to Sanjeev at with your interest and how you can contribute alongwith your credentials.

Want to sponsor the show or advertise? Limited opportunity is available for that too on first come first serve basis.


Locks of Love

Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children who suffer from long-term medical hair loss. You can donate your hair on November 20th, between 11am to 5pm, at the Ontrack Realty office and help create the highest quality hair prosthetics. Help the children who need it!

Click here to visit for more information


11th Annual Client Appreciation Picnic

Click here to see pictures from the event!

The Ontrack Realty team thanked it's clients at their 11th Annual Client Appreciation Picnic.

The picnic was held at Roosevelt Park in Edison and the turn out of past clients was great!

The was plenty of food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, and there was lots of fun. # legged races, memory game, face painting, balloon animals, sand art, caricatures, volleyball, badminton – there was no shortage of fun. At the end, there were drawings for many prizes.

The comments of the clients were:

  • This was awesome
  • What a picnic!
  • You guys know how to "WOW" your clients
  • It's amazing how you remember us every year, so many years later! Thank you for inviting us every year
  • So much to eat and do
  • Most of the kids thought that the picnic was really cool!


Free Pumpkins!

Once again, we will be giving away FREE pumpkins this year on October 23rd, 2005 between 1PM to 3PM. Also available will be paint and brushes so that kids can paint their pumpkins.

One pumpkin per child please! The pumpkins will be available at our office at: 186 Lincoln Highway (Rt 27) in Edison.

We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd.


Hurricane Katrina Relief


Our thanks to all who generously donated supplies for the Katrina relief. What an amazing response! Our special thanks to Edison Rotary members, JFK Foundation members, and James Monroe school principal, teachers, parents & children for their support & efforts to collect and donate the items.

We were all set to head towards the New Orleans area on September 20th with our moving truck to distribute the supplies but few things stopped us. One, it was yet another hurricane, Rita, headed towards the area. But the bigger hurdle was that despite our best efforts to locate a place where we could go and deliver the items to the needy, we couldn't find one. All we heard was that ‘it is too dangerous there, lots of looting', ‘displaced people are not reachable', ‘you won't be able to deliver directly to those effected', ‘there is too much misuse going on', etc etc but no clear direction from any one on where to go and help. So we had to cancel our trip to the area at the last moment.

We will, however, deliver these supplies to the needy families in Gulf area in the near future; or to those who relocate from the Katrina effected area to our neighborhood; or to those families who might have not been effected by such disaster but need these things and can use these items.

We have temporarily suspended our efforts to collect more items for the time being (atleast till we know that they are needed and how they can be delivered). We will update this section in 2/3 weeks and let you know if and when we will begin recollecting.

Thanks again for your generosity.

You can now help knowing that your contributions will be used 100% for the cause without any management expenses! The devastation caused by mother nature is not what we see often! The lives of thousands and thousands of people have been shattered with a blink of an eye!

What can we do to help? That is the question that surrounded us at our office. Will the funds be used properly? Will the needy get all that is donated? Here's what we thought was the best we could do while ensuring that 100% of our collections/donations are used to help those who need them the most.

All of us at Ontrack Realty have decided to start a collection for necessities such as toothpaste, brushes, shavers, socks, diapers, under garments, non perishable foods, water, notebooks and pencils for kids, or medicines such as: Tylenol, Aspirin, Band Aids etc. We will then take our Moving Truck and drive to the area that needs help but has not been attended to for whatever reason (such as media coverage).

We plan to leave around September 20th with a truck full of necessary supplies. There will be no management costs for this effort. Any and all expenses such as food, gas, lodging, will be paid for by On Track Realty. 100% of the donations will get to the those effected by this tragedy!

Please help those who need it the most. You can drop of your donations to us at our office or we can arrange to pick them from your home if you have too many items and you live locally. The items must be in their original packaging and must be new. Due to space restrictions, we are not collecting used or new clothes, so please do not drop off any used clothes!

Our office is conveniently located at 186 Lincoln Highway (Rt. 27) in Edison. We are minutes away from the Metro Park Train Station, and right off the Garden State Parkway, exit 131.

Please contact us via e-mail at or you may call us at 732-494-2211 if you have any questions.

We thank you for your desire to help. In case you have already donated for the cause, we thank you for that too!


Annual Coat Drive

Ontrack Realty holds an annual coat drive every year but collects coats throughout the year also in case you miss the dedicated week in the month of November. In 2004, we had our coat drive form November 10-17 and was very successful. We are thankful to all those who dropped off their coats.

Have coats you don't currently use? Please drop them off for us and we will get them to the right hands. The coats must be clean and in good wearable condition (not torn or damaged) so the recipients can make real use of them.

Thanks for your kindness in advance.


Canned Food Drive

Ontrack Realty holds an annual canned food drive every year in December but we will gladly accept canned food throughout the year to help feed the hungry.

Have extra canned food? Please drop it off to us and we will get them delivered to the right people. We have so much wastage in our country. Only if we could prevent 10% of it, we can help feed many with that saved food. We hope we will all do our part to help eradicate world hunger.

Thanks for your kindness in advance.


Annual Pictures with Santa (Free)

Like many other events, this too is our annual event and we hold it in the first week of December each year. Why stand in lines and pay for the pictures too? Come join us for free pictures each year.

Mentoring for Students

We are pleased to offer FREE mentoring for 2nd grade students through college aged students. This program, titled ‘Yes You Can' is an 8 week program and is offered on Saturdays (for 2 hours each Saturday). The students who take advantage of this program will be prepared for the real world outside and focus on their goals and direction, whether they want to get a great job or they want to start their own business.

This is a life changing program and is available to all students who are serious about their careers. The program is taught personally by Sanjeev Aneja and it covers a wide range of topics. The session size will be limited to 10 students so that focused attention can be provided to each student.

Call us today to take advantage of this program or click below for the registration form, print and fax to 732-494-6969.


The All "A" Club

We want to reward school students who get all A's with a nice certificate and a Free gift. Interested in having your children participate in this program? Register them by providing us their name, date of birth, school information and the grade they are in. Provide us your address, phone #, and e-mail address. Then, when they get their report cards, just bring the kids to our office and we will take it from there.

Parents, send us your child's report card for 2nd grading period and/or the finals. Each report card will qualify for the reward (once per qualifying period). All A's (one B acceptable) will qualify you as a winner. You must be registered in advance to qualify, so send in your child's registration form right away and then go study hard to get All A's. Not only will the child get a gift, they will get a beautiful certificate too.

Students from Edison, Iselin, & Metuchen schools, from 1st thru 5th grade, qualify for this project.



Student of the Month Clubb

We will recognize ‘Student of the Month' in our Ontrack Review issue and our website too. The criteria will be community service, volunteer work, merit at schools, other recognition factors etc. Send us the details and we will pick the student of the month accordingly.

India Independence Day Parade – August 22nd

For the first time ever, an India Independence Day Parade was organized on Sunday August 22, at Oak Tree Road in Edison. And Ontrack Realty proudly sponsored a float and distributed giveaways. The turnout was great, there were thousands of people gathered to watch the parade. Here are some pictures from the parade. Our thanks to Alison Kosberg, Esq, Milan Patel, Esq, Steve Boda, Esq and Brian from Peake Home Inspections for their contribution towards the sponsorship of the float.

Make a Dream Come True Project

If you know of a terminally ill child who has a dream of doing something but can't do it due to affordability, we want to help. It could be a dream to visit Disney, it could be a desire to attend a show, a desire to visit a relative, travel on a stretch limousine, or anything else, big or small. We have set aside $5000 for this project for 2004. A maximum of $1500 per child will be allowed for this project.

Please send us the details of the child's illness and the child's dream. Due to the limited finances, we may not be able to help all the children fulfill their dreams. We will select the children based on the seriousness of their illness, parent's/guardian's financial ability, personal visit with the child, and other criteria. The decision regarding the children selected for the project shall be solely up to the On Track representatives. Some documents on waiver of liability, certification of income, etc may have to be signed.

Due to the limited availability of finances, the project is currently open only to Middlesex County, NJ residents, and will be expanded in years to come. We welcome sponsors for this project so that we can reach out and help the dreams fulfilled of all kids.

Absolutely no purchase or sale of real estate is required to be selected for this project. This program may be withdrawn without notice. Please send the information to:

On Track Realty – MDCT
186 Lincoln Highway (Rt. 27)
Edison, NJ-08820


Success Despite Challenges Award

If you know of anyone who has attained success despite their challenges, please nominate them for this annual award. It could have been someone who was blind but wrote a book, someone who had cancer but fought through the process with their strong mental attitude, on wheel chair but participated in a marathon, grew up in a poor neighborhood yet beat the odds to become successful, couldn't speak English but succeeded beyond imagination, from a minority group yet didn't let the discrimination stop them from getting to the top, and many other possibilities. More inspiring the story, more the chances to Win! You can nominate yourself for the award also.

Please send us the details of your challenges and how you overcame them to become a success. A panel of judges will be selected by On Track Realty representatives to select the winners and the decision of this panel shall be final. We may have winners in several categories. The project is currently open only to Middlesex County, NJ residents, and will be expanded in years to come.

Absolutely no purchase or sale of real estate is required to be selected for this award. This program may be withdrawn without notice. You may be required to sign certain documents regarding release of the information, publicity of the winners, etc. Please send the nominations to:

On Track Realty – SDC
186 Lincoln Highway (Rt. 27)
Edison, NJ-08820


Client Appreciation Cruise

Ontrack Realty celebrated it's 10th anniversary this year by inviting it's clients for a cruise aboard Spirit of NY on August 8th, 2004. The whole ship was reserved for the event and the clients had a ball. The weather was picture perfect, specially ordered for our clients There was food and entertainment aboard.

Below are comments from some of our clients:

  • "You guys know how to throw a party"
  • "You are the best"
  • "Another Class Act!"
  • "When you say we'll WOW you, you mean it. This was a WOW experience"
  • "Thank you for remembering us years after our closing"
  • "Don't know how to express our feelings, you are something"
  • "We were impressed by your service, we are WOW'd by your gesture"


This season, let's cut on our unnecessary expenses...and let us help those who need it the most (the struggling homeowners)!

During holidays, we go out and buy those $10-$20 gift items that we have to give to others in the grab bag thing. Most of the time, the giver is struggling to find the right item, and the receiver is not thrilled with what they got. How about no grab bag this season and celebrating it by giving to someone who needs it more? 


Let's think about it! When was last time buying stuff for us, just for the sake of buying it, give us long term satisfaction? In most cases, we are ready for something new or different within days, if not minutes. And most of the stuff we buy sits in our garages, closets, attics. After all, how many pairs of shoes, or shirts, or ties, or suits, or jewelry do we really need? It all adds to the clutter in our homes which many times adds to our stress! We live in this ‘want it all society' and find that no matter how much we have, it is never enough. We keep looking for satisfaction from getting stuff, while the fact remains that the same only comes from giving.

Last year, the On Track Team went out and picked home that are most decorated. This year, we request that while there be decorations to celebrate the spirit, we do not go out of our way to decorate, and we celebrate the season by giving it (the savings) to someone who needs it more.

n these times of difficulties, there are many homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgages, for reasons beyond their control. Reasons such as job loss, health issues, more are haunting them yet they keep on trying to do what is right and pay what is owed. Let's find some of those local homeowners, who are totally responsible, live within their means, have good credit (700 or more), but have become a victim of circumstances and are having tough time paying their full mortgage every month. Let's help these citizens through this tough time.

If all of us put our $50-$100 money saved from the above or similar methods, we can help many homeowners by paying a small part of the mortgage. On Track Realty will match 100% of first $2000 received and will match 25% of the next $10,000. And the best part is that this won't be a free giveaway. The str uggling homeowners will return this money (honor system) when they have it and the same will be used to help others. A little sacrifice from all of us will give us true way to celebrate the season, and be internally satisfied for doing what feels good.

So how will this program work? Struggling homeowners will send in their request for help. There will be certain criteria to qualify, most of which is spelt here. The criteria is being set to make sure we help those who have the least chance of being helped from others.

Click here to read about the qualifications and to apply for help or to help. This program will continue to exist as long as the finances are available to help.

Call us at 732-494-2211 if you have any questions.


On Track Heroes – recognizing those who make a difference!

In 2009, On Track Realty will be celebrating it's 15th Birthday and we thank so many of you for our success. We will mark this with a brand new annual recognition event called "On Track Heroes". These will be local heroes in counties we serve (Middlesex, Somerset, and Union, NJ) who make a difference in our communities by volunteering their time &/or money to help those who need it most. We will select 7 individuals in 2009 and recognize them and give towards their charities.

So who qualifies as a hero? It could be a 7 year old child who opens a lemonade stand to help for a great cause. It could be a 70 year old who volunteers and makes a difference around the world by educating and feeding the hungry. Any one who makes a difference qualifies for the entry. While the hero has to be a resident of one of these 3 counties to qualify, their cause can be local or global


The top hero's charity will get $5,000; 2nd will get $2500; 3rd will get $1500; and the rest will get $1000 each. Sponsors for this brand new event are very welcome.

You can nominate someone as a hero and you can nominate yourself too. Fill the application here and fax it to us at 732-494-6969 or e-mail it to us at Once we review it, we will ask for additional supporting documents as necessary.